Coffee is practically a health food: Myth or fact?

10 foods to avoid for prostate health, Kiwi vs prosztatitisz

Kiwi vs prosztatitisz

Egészséges vagy mégsem a kávé? Nézzük meg a legfrissebb állospontot egy kis szövegértéssel. Coffee is practically a health food:Myth or fact? There are times when coffee is bad for you, and it depends on your genetics, your age and even how you make your coffee.

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Coffee lovers rejoice! There are more studies than ever encouraging you to sip for your good health. Another recent study looked at coffee consumption and multiple sclerosis. So did drinking a lot of coffee over five to 10 years.

10 foods to avoid for prostate health

Investigators now believe coffee could be neuroprotective. Researchers are starting to look at other compounds in coffee that may help as well.

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Before you run off to your favorite coffee spot for a double mocha latte, note one thing about these studies. It is not one of those ounce monsters topped with caramel and whipped cream.

10 foods to avoid for prostate health

Coffee has been studied a lot, and not just recently. So why was coffee given such bad reputation for so long? In some studies, very high consumption — six or more cups a day — reduced the benefits.

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Some populations can find coffee consumption potentially harmful. People with sleep issues or uncontrolled diabetes may need to ask their doctors before adding caffeine to their diets.

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The gene is called CYP1A2 — if you have the slow version, it would explain why you crawl the walls after only a cup or two or why it might contribute to your high blood pressure. Women should take particular note.

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Coffee may increase menopausal hot flashes. And pregnant women might be more likely to miscarry as caffeine does reach the fetus and might restrict growth.

Coffee is practically a health food: Myth or fact?

Doctors recommend only a cup a day during pregnancy. Prosztatit prosztata hiperplázia many of us, coffee is a blessing. And as long as you avoid its pitfalls, current science seems to be saying you can continue to enjoy it, guilt free.

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10 foods to avoid for prostate health

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